'Orgasm Wars' In Japan Features Gay Man Trying To Make Straight Man Climax (NSFW VIDEO)

Yes, There Is A Show Called 'Orgasm Wars.' No, You're Not Ready For It.

Anyone remember the game show "Make Me Laugh," in which comedians tried to make contestants giggle within a time limit? Well, this is a "make me climax" variation: A gay man tries to bring a straight man to orgasm against his will.

The jokey segment was called "Orgasm Wars," and it aired on late-night Japanese TV.

GRAPHIC WARNING: The footage below features graphic sexual scenes.

Dramatically narrated, it featured straight Japanese porn star Ryou Sawai meeting his "opponent," Takuya, in a warehouse. They exchange boasts of who will win and then get down to business. Takuya performs oral sex on the porn star but all the graphic action takes place discreetly in a covered box. Takuya has 40 minutes to finish the job as university students cheer on the contestants. (Quite the field trip.)

Can Takuya succeed? Watch the 10-minute footage below to find out.

WARNING: This video is NSFW.

(Hat tip, Uproxx)

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