This Magical Shape-Shifting Furniture Makes Space In Tiny Apartments

It's a bed, a desk AND a closet in one.

Imagine making your bed disappear at the push of a button.

That’s what Ori, a robotic furniture system designed for tiny apartments, would allow you to do. It’s a single plywood unit that can act as a bed, home office, closet and storage space, and it changes configurations on command.

The furniture itself is simplistic in style, but it looks like a major space saver. For example, you can press Ori’s button to retract your bed (which comes in two sizes, full and queen), move the unit and turn your small home into one big living space for the day:

You can also command Ori via an app and make it do important tasks like deliver your wine:

Ori ― the brainchild of MIT professor Kent Larson, graduate student Hasier Larrea and designer Yves Béhar ― has been in development since 2015. Last week, the product became available for real estate developers to pre-order for their apartment buildings at a starting price of $10,000 a unit.

Right now, apartment renters can’t buy Ori for themselves, but the system will soon appear in units whose rents are around $3,000 per month in cities including New York, San Francisco and Chicago, TechCrunch reports.

It’s a pretty penny, but it just might beat assembling Ikea furniture.

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