Original Video Programming Debuts On Healthy Living

Today, Healthy Living is taking a big leap forward with the launch of five high-quality, original video series created just for you. It's the first Huffington Post Media Group launch of its kind.
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"Why would you leave a television network?," people ask, implying that the move into original video for the web is a step backwards from network TV. The truth is that it's anything but.

This career move has been very much calculated for me. In fact, this was the opportunity I had been waiting for: a chance to create powerful, original programming for a wide range of audiences where viewership could be just as big -- if not bigger -- than a network.

And today, Healthy Living is taking a big leap forward with the launch of five high-quality, original video series created just for you. It's the first Huffington Post Media Group launch of its kind.

Dubbed the "first five," these original series were developed by myself and the Healthy Living editors of to give you an all-around enriching experience on the site. Each series is different -- in look, subject matter, takeaway and tone. Like television, you may not be in to every series and, like television, not every series will last. But rest assured will have more original series on the way.

So, how is this new marriage of articles and videos going to live on the site? You'll find all these videos grouped together near the top of the page. Some series are daily -- "Daily mOMent" and "Today's Tweet." The others will be regularly featured Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. And like a big television launch, we're going big, by releasing all "first five" pilots today for you to preview below.

But make no mistake. This is not television. These are short series introducing you to a brand-new form of programming: original video content made for you and designed for the Internet. And it all starts here.

Today's Tweet
Tune in Monday through Friday

You know those questions no one ever seems to know the answer to? Like, should I really not pluck a gray hair? What exactly is deja vu? Is chewing gum indigestible?

Our brand new original video series, "Today's Tweet" -- hosted by Pooja Mottl -- tackles one of these questions each day. The answers are researched by Healthy Living editors and vetted by medical professionals.

Got a burning question? Please, tweet it at us @HealthyLiving.

Everyone wants to get in shape for the summer, but most people never follow through. They don't know the right moves, they can't find the best time or they don't have a place to work out. Problem solved! Fitness guru Pooja Mottl shows us three simple moves that can be done, anywhere, anytime by anyone.

Have a loved one diagnosed with depression? Cancer? An eating disorder? The thought of talking to that person can be scary and awkward. What do you say? What is polite, appropriate, helpful?

"What Do I Say" is a new original video series that will answer these questions on an ongoing basis.

You've heard a million times about the copious health benefits of meditation: everything from enhancing memory to curing pain. But for many of us, the prospect of sitting still and clearing your thoughts is so intimidating we won't even give it a swing.

This wonderful new original video series helps us get beyond that notion. Donna D'Cruz explains where we can take a minute -- just one minute out of the day -- to be mindful. A small minute meditation can go a very long way.

Tune in Monday through Friday

We're all busy. Work, activities, errands, bills, responsibilities, friends -- sometimes it all turns into one big run-on sentence and we forget to take a minute to ... breathe. Pause. Smile. Notice the small things. It can take just a moment to give everyday life a little perspective.

Check back every afternoon for a new "mOMent" to enjoy. Have a great idea for one? Send along a photo or video to moment@huffingtonpost.com.

Watch the videos on Healthy Living today!

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