Orlando: A Call For Consciousness

The seams in the streets are open. The superficial protections and justices that held us together sit as ancient ruins for politicians and their pundits, left and right, to claim as their own. Selfies were made for this.
I, no tourist to destruction, trip on my own rubble, as do countless refugees of the soul.

Kumbaya is late and easy to dismiss. Our homes have been gutted, our power stripped and in permanent escrow, held by nameless puppeteers.

Armed individual militia have replaced the smiley face in the emoticon wars.

No time to sentimentalize what was. No time to caress or disperse the precious ashes of yesterday.

Be fierce, and through the cultural, pharmaceutical fog, dare to think!
Thinking is a fierce weapon.

Awaken now to the underbelly of the virtual headline.
Awaken to the shrill lullaby of helplessness.
Awaken and question.
Awaken to your secret heart of love.