Orlando Bloom And Robert Downey Jr. Once Gave John Boyega Dating Tips

The "Star Wars" actor sat down with GQ to talk acting and "ruffling feathers" in terms of Hollywood diversity.

Fans of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” have been showing their love for John Boyega for a while now, but the Stormtrooper proves that he’s most certainly a force to be reckoned with in his latest interview with GQ.

For starters, the spread, which was released on Monday, features a slew of stunning photographs of the handsome actor ...

... Photos that Twitter users have been buzzing about nonstop.

Outside of the photos, the interview has Boyega talking about acting, to the significance of being a black Stormtrooper, to dating.

On being a black man in the “Star Wars” universe, Boyega mentions other franchises that feature very few or no black people at all, adding that it’s incredibly important to have diversity on-screen ― even if it makes some people uncomfortable.

“There are no black people on ‘Game of Thrones,’” Boyega said. “You don’t see one black person in ’Lord of the Rings.′ I ain’t paying money to always see one type of person on-screen. Because you see different people from different backgrounds, different cultures, every day. Even if you’re a racist, you have to live with that. We can ruffle up some feathers.”

Perhaps the most endearing bit of the interview is when Boyega says he asked Robert Downey Jr. about how to deal with Hollywood and the pressures the industry puts on relationships.

“It was time for me to sit down with someone who’s been through the extremes of Hollywood,” Boyega said. “And to be given some tips as to how to stay stable.”

Apparently, during that interaction, Orlando Bloom came in the room and Boyega said the star-studded duo informed him that in order to find a partner that you’ll thrive with, “she has to care about it to understand it” — that “it” being “the trials and tribulations of Hollywood.”

“It’s nice to survive with your companion by your side. I’m sure it’s a good thing,” Boyega says of his dating life. “But I’ve never experienced it.”

Boyega seems like a complete catch to us.

You can read the whole interview on GQ.com here.



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