People On Twitter Have Zero Chill Over Orlando Bloom's Nude Photos

The Twitterverse went nuts. (Pun most definitely intended.)
"Call me!" --Everyone on the internet, to Orlando Bloom.
"Call me!" --Everyone on the internet, to Orlando Bloom.

Yesterday, photos of Orlando Bloom paddleboarding in the nude while on vacation in Italy with Katy Perry were published online by the New York Daily News.

Unlike the full-frontal photos of Justin Bieber it obtained, however, the news outlet decided to cover Bloom’s penis with black boxes. A reminder: Taking nude photos of people without their consent and publishing them for the world to see is not cool, no matter how famous the subject is. But we digress.

The only thing the Daily News’ censorship achieved was to send the Twitterverse into a curiosity-filled frenzy, with people everywhere wondering what lay beneath. (The curse of the black pearl boxes?)

But let’s all remember the double standard of photo leaks, summed up perfectly by one tweet: 



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