Orlando Brown Of 'That's So Raven' Arrested For Alleged Battery And Drug Possession

Adulthood: where former Disney stars go to disappoint.

Has someone checked in on Chelsea?

First we have to hear Raven-Symoné say insane stuff on "The View" daily, and now Orlando Brown, the third part of Disney's "That's So Raven" trio, has been arrested for allegedly striking his fiancée, obstructing an officer and the possession of narcotics.

According to TMZ, Brown and his fiancée pulled into a police parking lot in the midst of an argument back in January in Torrance, California. A witness spotted the ex-Disney star hit a woman in his vehicle and alerted the authorities about the altercation.

Orlando Brown was taken into custody January 17, 2016.
Orlando Brown was taken into custody January 17, 2016.
Torrance County Police Department

After Brown was forced to leave the car and taken into the station, authorities discovered the actor was carrying methamphetamine.

Torrance Police Department's Sergeant Kranke told E! News that the charges escalated from a misdemeanor to a felony because the drugs were discovered within the premises of the jail. Brown's fiancée was not seriously injured.

The 28-year-old actor is denying the veracity of the charges and has been documenting almost every step of the process on his Instagram account.

The caption for his first post on Thursday, featuring Brown looking pensive in front of a Mercedes, reads, "Right when I find peace of mind, TMZ says it's 'ridiculing time' ... so 'allegedly' I beat my women up.. and walked into Torrance jail with 'kristal meth' on me.... brace yourselves for this one.... 'the devil is a lie I feel him breathing' Kanye said it best ... This is an interesting one ... even to me! Real talk!"

After the initial post, Brown shared 12 videos of himself and his fiancée on their way to the courthouse, all while smoking a humongous cigar. In the last video of the series, he tells the camera that "the judge is tired of continuances and it looks like the case may be dismissed."

Watch his journey to the courthouse below.


A video posted by Orlando Brown (@orlandobrown_) on

Pray for me

A video posted by Orlando Brown (@orlandobrown_) on


A video posted by Orlando Brown (@orlandobrown_) on

This isn't Brown's first run-in with the law. He was arrested for drug possession in Texas in 2007, booked on the suspicion of drunk driving in 2011 and 2013 and struck a plea deal in 2014 for threatening a woman and her child. You can listen to the audio below.

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