As NBA Lockout Continues, Community Food & Outreach Center Supports Game-Night Employees

The NBA lockout is affecting thousands -- and not just disappointed sports fans.

It could be said that the real victims of the lockout are the game night workers who rely on basketball for their weekly paychecks -- ushers, janitors, food concession workers and others. The New York Times reports an estimated 11 percent of the NBA's work force has been laid off since the start of the labor dispute.

In Orlando, Florida, the Community Food & Outreach Center is anticipating a surge in needy families in upcoming weeks and is reaching out to the community for donations of food and money, reports the Orlando Sentinel.

Scott George, co-founder of the Communiity Food & Outreach Center, estimates that 1,000 families in Orlando alone are losing their jobs due to the cancellation of the beginning of the NBA season. "This is an additional several hundred families a week that will be added onto our caseloads," George told the Orlando Sentinel."

The lockout drags on, with continued negotiations between NBA players and owners. Bloomberg reports a mediation session this week lasted into the early morning hours.

The lockout enters its 114th day Friday.