Orlando Sentinel: Did Alan Grayson Rip Off "Die Quickly'' Schtick From Huffington Post Blogger?


The Orlando Sentinel published a story on its blog today accusing Representative Alan Grayson of plagiarizing HuffPost Comedy blogger Andy Borowitz.

Borowitz published a blog here on September 18 called "GOP Plan: If Uninsured Die Fast Enough, They Won't Need Coverage," in which he satirized the Republican party with this fake quote from the Majority leader: "'A new study shows that the uninsured die faster than the insured,' Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) told reporters in Washington. 'Our plan calls for them to die even faster.'"

Florida Rep. Alan Grayson recently took to the House floor and said that GOP's health care plan was "Don't get sick" and "If you do get sick, die quickly."

Mike Thomas of the Sentinel thinks the similarities are uncanny:

"Die quickly? Die faster? At least Grayson could have credited the guy who supplied his material. The original is much funnier, particularly the part about rewarding those who die faster with a tax cut."

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