Orlando Sentinel Front Page Tells City To Define Itself By Unity, Not Tragedy

"We proudly reaffirm Orlando's identity as a welcoming, inclusive place for people who live here or visit, no matter their background or orientation," the paper said.

The front page of Monday's issue of the Orlando Sentinel paid tribute to the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history by vowing strength and solidarity in the face of fear and hatred.

At least 50 people were killed after a gunman opened fire in an Orlando gay club. Rather than feature heartbreaking images of bereaved families or chaotic scenes from the club in the hours after the attack, the Sentinel splashed a long letter addressed to the city's mourning residents.

"We will not--we must not--let Sunday's heinous act of brutality and cowardice define our community," the letter read. "Let our community define itself by our unequivocal response: United."

Sentinel Managing Editor John Cutter said that the cover was inspired by what the newsroom was "hearing throughout Sunday about the shooting at the Pulse nightclub."

"Many talked of the sadness that we were now the leaders on an infamous list of mass shootings in the United States," Cutter said. "But also we heard a growing chorus throughout the day that this horror would not be how we are remembered."

The Sentinel wasn't the only newspaper with a unique take on the weekend's horrific attack. The New York Daily News used its cover to go after the National Rifle Association:

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