Orlando Survivor Angel Colon Takes First Steps By Himself Since Tragedy

A picture of strength.

An Orlando shooting survivor reached a huge milestone. 

Angel Colon, who sustained multiple gunshot wounds and a broken leg from the Pulse nightclub shooting in June, recently took his first steps without assistance since the tragedy.

Colon shared a video of his accomplishment on Facebook last Friday, writing that he was “so happy” about his first steps. 

In the video, Colon, a Zumba instructor, slowly walks across the kitchen, beaming and exclaims “Yay!”

He’s come a long way since the shooting that left 49 people dead and 53 injured. Recounting the tragic night, Colon told reporters that he was shot several times, and thought he wouldn’t make it out alive. Police officer Omar Delgado rescued him that night, dragging Colon out of the club and pulling him to safety. 

He’s stayed active since the incident and even danced a few weeks ago at the annual Zumba Fitness Instructor Convention with other instructors. Colon was also featured on MTV’s True Life: We Are Orlando, which aired this past Monday. The installment looked back on the deadly shooting through some of its survivors. 

Colon’s strength is truly something we can all admire. Here’s to you, Angel!  




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