Making Sense Of Orly Taitz: Barack Obama And The 'Pan African-American Drama Tactic' (VIDEO)

By now, if you haven't heard of Orly Taitz -- well, read no further. You are winning at the game of life. Whatever amount of time you are spending on the internet is the right amount, yay! But, if you've yen to press on, then all you need to know is that Taitz is the "Queen of the Birthers," and she has achieved that distinction by being the Birther Loon Movement's most vexatious litigant. Obviously, she and the rest of these fringe weirdos have failed to convince anyone of their ornate conspiracy theories, and Taitz herself is just going to live the rest of her life aggrieved and unhappy.

Nevertheless, she presses on! And we were really sort of running out of ways to talk about her until we hit upon the novel idea of taking her recent appearance on the David Pakman show and watching it with YouTube's closed captioning function enabled. And you know what? Now Taitz potentially makes sense? You can take the highlights clipped below and judge for yourself if they actually make Birtherism sound credible. Did anyone really stop to consider the habitat rugby ads, and the extent to which they may have endured in a forest environment? Were any efforts really made, during court proceedings, to get beyond a reasonable people barroom? What about these panther shindigs? They sound suspicious! At the very least, can we just agree that "The Pan African-American Drama Tactics" would be a cool band name?

Could it be that Taitz really was on to something? No. But we can at least cover her in a more deserving manner.

(Watch Taitz on The David Pakman Show above. Turn on closed captioning for deeper meaning.)

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