Orly Taitz Endorses Sharron Angle, Calls Nevada Election 'Number 1 Race In America'

There are some political endorsements that Senate candidates dream of getting. There are others they'd rather do without. Having the lead skeptic of President Obama's country of birth support your campaign probably falls into the latter category.

On Wednesday, without much public recognition, Orly Taitz threw her support behind Sharron Angle, posting a plea for readers to donate to the Nevada Republican Senate candidate on her website. The birther queen (as she's known) even urged people to head to Vegas on a late-October bus trip to help with the Senate election.

The Angle campaign, as spokesperson Jarrod Agen told the Huffington Post, neither sought nor asked for the help.

The "#1 Race in America," Taitz wrote on her website, is "Angle versus Reid! Retire Harry Reid, support Sharron Angle."

For the next 5 weeks I am less important, and my $20,000 sanctions are less important than Sharron, so please, donate to:

Sharron Angle

c/o Friends of Sharron Angle

P.O. Box 96205

Washington, D.C. 20090

Now is the time to take a trip to Vegas! You will help their embattled economy and help Sharron by joining California Republican Assembly trip to Vegas Oct 22-24.
we can walk the precincts for Sharron, dispense fliers to the undecided independent voters or moderate, blue dog Democrats, who are fed up with this takeover of the country or we can tell some lazy Conservatives to get off their lazy b.... and vote. If we can remove Reid from office and bring a tea party candidate in Senate, it would be an amazing accomplishment.

Angle, for what it's worth, has insisted that she does not question the president's birthplace even though there have been rumors that she was a crypto-birther.