Orly Taitz Melts Down On MSNBC, Blames MSM "Brownshirts" (VIDEO)

The conventional wisdom is that August is the slowest month for news, thus it's tailor-made for the "Birther" movement -- crazies that come hand-delivered to the media in their month of need, like barrel-dwelling fish that shoot themselves. Today, they're waving around a supposed "Kenyan birth certificate" for President Barack Obama without regard to the fact that it would have to have come from an alternate reality where Kenya became Kenya before Kenya was Kenya, and on which Obama is said to have been born in a city that was actually part of Zanzibar at the time of his birth. It's all pretty awesome and fun and now everyone's getting in on the "let's all forge up some birth certificates" craze. It's August 2009, and America is precisely where our founders envisioned we would be.

On Monday, David Shuster and Tamron Hall hosted celebrated "Birther Queen" Orly Taitz, who is a walking Saturday Night Live character, possibly played by Chris Kattan, come to life. The resulting discussion was, as you might imagine, pretty special! Taitz came on, speaking as if in a panic, presaging her answers with complaints about CNN, referring to David Shuster as a "brownshirt," and making oddball claims about how "85% of Americans think Barack Obama was not properly vetted."

Anyway, this is like Shuster and Hall attempting to interview an angry Fraggle.


We remind you that the Birther Lunar Cycle of Mania may hit a peak tomorrow, August 4, because it is President Barack Obama's birthday...IF HE WAS "BORN" AT ALL. MWAHAHAHA.

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