Orly Taitz Unveils White House Petition And Inaugural Plans

Attorney Orly Taitz, who filed suit to stop the counting of electoral votes, is greeted by supporters Gregory Kofman, center
Attorney Orly Taitz, who filed suit to stop the counting of electoral votes, is greeted by supporters Gregory Kofman, center and Alexander Gofen, right, outside the Robert T. Mastui Federal Courthouse in Sacramento, Calif., Thursday, Jan. 3, 2013. U.S. District Court Judge Morrison C. England said the case is unlikely to succeed and rejected Taitz' petition for a restraining order to halt the counting of electoral votes scheduled for Friday. (AP Photo/Rich Pedroncelli)

Birther queen Orly Taitz has announced a trip to Washington for President Barack Obama's inauguration next week, and also is unveiling a new White House petition.

Taitz, a dentist, attorney and real estate agent from Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., announced on her website that she plans to be in Washington Jan. 20 and 21 to picket Obama's inauguration for a second term. Taitz is planning 12 hours of picketing over the two-day period.

Her plan includes six hours of picketing the White House on Sunday during Obama's private inauguration in the building. She did not indicate where at the White House she would be meeting supporters.

On Monday, Taitz asked her followers to join her for another six hours of picketing in front of the Supreme Court. Taitz has a petition before the court demanding that it invalidate Obama's victory, which the court is scheduled to discuss during a Feb. 15 conference session. The Monday protest will occur at the same time as Obama's public inauguration at the neighboring Capitol. The Supreme Court is on the opposite side of the Capitol from Obama's swearing in and speech.

"Corrupt officials and judges are committing treason and criminally complicit in cover up of forged IDs for Obama. Regime propaganda media is not reporting," Taitz wrote on her website. "The only way for us to spread the word is by being there in Obama’s face with signs 'Squatter in the WH with forged IDs and a stolen Soc. Sec number'. 'Obama using forged IDs, Supreme Court to decide February 15th.'"

Taitz also announced a new petition on the White House website demanding Obama's resignation for using what she calls forged identification. The petition reiterates previous Taitz claims that Obama is using a false Social Security number issued in Connecticut, along with a false last name.

As of Tuesday morning, Taitz's petition had less than 100 signatures on the White House petition website. She said a previous petition she posted on Monday had close to 1,000 signatures, but was removed from the website, for what she said were terms of use violations. The White House petition website includes a series of terms of use, including prohibiting the disclosure of information that would violate a person's privacy.

Taitz's Supreme Court case involves claims that three minor presidential candidates were disenfranchised by Obama being on the ballot. The three candidates aligned with Taitz includes Keith Judd, a federal prison inmate who received 41 percent of the vote against Obama in the 2012 Democratic presidential primary in West Virginia. Taitz claims that Judd would have been the Democratic presidential nominee if Obama was removed from the ballot based on his support in West Virginia.