Orphaned Baby Wombats Play In Australia Sanctuary (VIDEO)

Belle and Phoenix just might be the cutest wombats ever.

After being rescued, Belle was taken to Healesville Sanctuary in Australia, where she currently lives with her best friend, Phoenix, another orphaned wombat.

As featured on Vice's "The Cute Show," Felicity Fahey, a keeper at Healesville, explains that Belle came to the refuge after her mother was hit and killed by a car. When Fahey's not chasing her "beautiful monsters," she can be found feeding, playing or even singing to them.

The best part of the video has to be when the two wombats simultaneously dive into a tunnel that's too small for both of them, the two fighting until one finally wiggles in front of the other.

According to National Geographic, wombats inhabit Australia and surrounding islands. They give birth to tiny, undeveloped young that crawl into pouches on their mothers' bellies. The infant lives in its mother's pouch for five months before striking out on its own. By seven months, the wombat can fully take care of itself.

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Watch Belle and Phoenix scurry, scuttle and play in their new home in the adorable video above.



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