ORSOS Floating Island Offers 'Mobility Of Yacht' With 'Comfort Of Mainland Home' (VIDEO)


One company is giving wealthy consumers the chance to own a private island -- sans the sand, rocks and monumental price tag.

But life aboard an ORSOS Island doesn't exactly come cheap, either. The luxury craft alone will set buyers back about $4.6 million, Elite Daily reports.

The floating island offers more than 10,000 square feet of living space and enough rooms to accommodate 12 people, as well as up to four staff members.

According to the company's website, the ORSOS Island, which is touted as a mix between a yacht and a mainland home, has several environmentally features including solar panels, a noiseless wind energy system and heat recovery from water that serves as "the basis of heating and air conditioning."

The product is still in its prototype stage but a public reveal is set for some time in 2013, according to Elite Daily.

Gizmag notes the idea of a floating island regained popularity about four years ago with the introduction of "an island-themed megayacht" called Wally Island, which was priced at about $200 million.

The concept is well-liked because some floating islands can offer environmentally friendly features, General Manager of Dutch Docklands Maldives told Gizmag.

And today, multiple ideas are in the works.

Adventurous tourists looking to seek refuge in the middle of the ocean might want to keep an eye out for the Solar Floating Resort (SFR), which includes a "submerged observation bulb" to give visitors a peek into what's going on underwater.

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