Osama Bin Laden Body Search: Bill Warren, U.S. Diver, To Launch Search For Al Qaeda Leader's Body In North Arabian Sea (VIDEO)

WATCH: California Diver Plans Search For Bin Laden's Body

A self-proclaimed "expert treasure hunter" claims to be conducting an underwater search for Osama bin Laden's remains to prove that the al Qaeda leader has in fact been killed.

As CBS is reporting, Bill Warren says he is using his 180-foot-long boat, currently docked in western India, and high-tech equipment able to detect anything underwater to locate bin Laden's corpse, which was quickly buried in the North Arabian Sea on May 2. "I'm doing it because I am a patriotic American who wants to know the truth," Warren, who plans to photograph and videotape the corpse as well as conduct a DNA test, told the New York Post. "I do it for the world."

The expedition -- which will utilize "[the same technology] they found the Titanic with" -- will reportedly be funded by private investors in Chicago and New York, though Warren, who is between 59 and 67 years old based on varying media reports, refuses to divulge other details. The California resident went on to dismiss concerns that bin Laden's body might be at least partially decomposed already. "A fish can't get at it," he is quoted by CNN as saying. "He's in a sealed, Navy burial bag." Watch CNN's report on Warren's expedition here:

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