Osama On The $20 Bill And 'Secret' Messages On Money (PHOTOS)

What do you do when it's a slow news day on the Friday before a three-day weekend? We at HuffPost Money decided to investigate the contents of our wallets and YouTube.

While we spend our days uncovering hidden fees and bogus bank charges, we were shocked to discover that some of the most clandestine facts about money were right there before our eyes.

That's right, if the many conspiracy theorists of YouTube are correct (as, sarcasm here, they typically are) your paper money is a labyrinth of encrypted codes and symbols.

Here's our list of the craziest hidden messages that bill-fanatics have found on U.S. currency. (Let us know if we've missed any by e-mailing money@huffingtonpost.com)

Secret Messages Encoded In U.S. Currency