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Oscars' Biggest Fail: Lupe Ontiveros Forgotten At The Academy Award's 'In Memoriam' Tribute

Lupe Ontiveros

One of the most awaited classic Oscar moments is the 'In Memoriam.' It's a few minutes dedicated to the memory of those special film stars who died last year leaving an unforgettable legacy behind them. However, on this occasion the Academy failed to mention Lupe Ontiveros, one of the most important Latinas in Hollywood, who has unquestionably marked the history of television and cinema.

George Clooney was the chosen one to lead the segment for those actors, producers, technicians and general personnel who have passed away. An extensive list with photos, memorable quotes and the most relevant work was showcased on a big screen, respected in silence and applauded by their peers.

Then came the moment when Barbra Streisand also delighted the audience singing "The Way We Were." And while the Hispanic community waited to pay tribute to the actress who gave life to outstanding film roles and always represented her cultural roots with pride, they were ultimately disappointed to learn her name never arrived.

Complaints from fans and celebrities quickly started to fill social media platforms to express disgust and support for the star's family and colleagues. However, up to the moment there hasn’t been any apology from the show’s organizers or producers, which leaves us just one option: make sure to honor her ourselves as our 'Latino icon of the week'.

Born in Texas of Mexican descent, Ontiveros died on July 26, 2012 at the age of 69 from liver cancer. She made hundreds of films and TV shows; her most recent role is now in final production.

The actress's portrayal of Yolanda Saldivar in "Selena,” film that pulled Jennifer Lopez out from anonymity, traveled the world, and today keeps being her most remembered work.

To remember her wonderful contributions, applaud her achievements, and praise her memory forever we have put together a gallery of some of Lupe Ontivieros’ most memorable roles above. Take a look and enjoy the talent of one of the most unforgettable Latinas in the film industry.

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