Oscar Isaac Explains Viral Photo Of Him Eating Cheetos With Chopsticks

We finally know the truth, and it's real classy.

Oscar Isaac became synonymous with eating Flamin’ Hot Limón Crunchy Cheetos with chopsticks, when a photo of him doing just that went viral in 2016.

The “Star Wars” star seemed to be caught mid-act in the photo, wearing a black beanie, a red sweater and a thick mustache while enjoying his snack. It was a simple yet perplexing scene, and it spawned memes and copycats across the Internet:

Isaac finally broke down the story behind the viral photo Tuesday night on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” The actor first explained the counter was littered with medicine because he had “a bad cold,” and he said that he had a mustache because of his character in the HBO mini-series “Show Me A Hero.”

“I really was into flaming lime Cheetos, which at the time you couldn’t get on the East Coast, it’s just from here” he told Kimmel, whose show is filmed in Los Angeles. “Chili-lime, it’s a very Latino kind of thing.”

But why the chopsticks? Because the internet’s boyfriend likes to keep it classy, of course.

“I’m a sophisticated gentleman, so I didn’t want to get the powder on my fingers,” Isaac said.

Watch Isaac react in the clip above to fans who dressed up as him.

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