This Remote Control Wienermobile Will Make Your Holiday Sizzle

Hot dog!

Does your holiday season need a little extra mustard? Or maybe ketchup?

Oscar Mayer has you covered like your bro' working the barbecue with a miniature version of everyone's favorite hotdog-shaped vehicle.

The remote control Wienermobile -- also known as the Wiener Rover -- costs $25 and has a compartment to deliver a pair of hot dogs, according to Gizmodo.

Plus, look at this entrance!

Unfortunately, these aren't sold in your usual 5-pack. The "BUN-BELIEVABLE" deal is only available in limited release on Twitter, which means you'll have to follow Oscar Mayer and keep your eyes peeled for when the next batch is ready. The toy will be available until Dec. 4.

If you're lucky enough to score one of these, please drive carefully. We don't want another busted Wienermobile.