Oscar Poster Reveals Years Of Best Picture History, But Can You Guess The Movies? (PHOTOS)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences released a fun new poster on its website Tuesday. The Olly Moss and Gallery1988 project features 85 renderings of Oscar statuettes -- one for each Best Picture winner from 1927 to 2012.

The Oscar poster heralds this year's Academy Awards, the 85th celebration of film put on by the AMPAS. Catch the Seth Macfarlane-hosted version of the show on Sunday, Feb. 24. As always, HuffPost Entertainment will be live-blogging the proceedings. If you've yet to fill out your ballot, beat the competition by taking a look at our Oscars Dashboard, with up-to-the-minute predictions for every major category.

We've collected the individual statue images in the gallery below. Take a spin through movie history and tell us your favorites in the comments. How many of these movies could you have guessed?

Oscar Statuettes