Oscar Watch: And the Award for Best New Party Goes to...

The Oscar newcomer of the year may be Heath Ledger, but the pre-Oscar-party newcomer title definitely goes to Ari Emanuel. Up until this year, the Friday party schedule was dominated by two top agents, Ed Limato from ICM, and Bryan Lourd from CAA. This year Ari decided to break into the field, and put not one but two tents in the backyard of his sumptuous new home, which comes complete with a basketball court -- indoor, of course.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was there, along with Congressman Ed Markey and his wife Susan Blumenthal. Which is perfectly Ari -- given that his life is a combination of entertainment and politics, his brother is Rahm Emanuel and his obsessions of the day are almost all political.

In fact, I had such a good time, I'm currently hiding in his bathroom -- I've decided to never leave (just heard someone go by -- have to type very quietly).