The Celebrities Who Landed On The Oscars 2014 Worst-Dressed List Need Some Major Help (PHOTOS)

See All The Epic Fails From The Oscar Red Carpet

We hate to see fashion fails on the Oscars red carpet, but year after year, there are stars that just fall flat.

At the 2014 Oscars, the ladies on our worst-dressed list struggled with everything, from shapeless dresses (we're looking at you, Veerle Baetens) to bra-less moments (not a good look, Liza Minnelli). And while we don't expect much from Whoopi Goldberg, her thrown-together ensemble was too awkward to overlook and earned her the #1 spot on the list.

Take a look at our worst-dressed list and tell us if you agree. Then be sure to check out our best-dressed list.

Anna Kendrick

anna kendrick

There is way too much going on with this gown: asymmetrical lines, cutouts, mesh insets, beading and a slit. Anna would have been better off just throwing on something in her closet.

Whoopi Goldberg

whoopi goldberg oscars dress 2014

Tucking a voluminous blouse into a fitted strapless dress is never a good idea -- and attempting it at the Oscars is even worse. Couple that with a pair of black-and-white striped tights and red ruby slippers, and you've got yourself the title of the worst-dressed celeb at the 2014 Oscars.

Jennifer Garner

jennifer garner oscar dress 2014

All that fringe was the downfall of this ensemble. Column dresses aren't that easy to pull off in the first place, and when you add rows and rows of glittery fringe then you're really in trouble.

Liza Minnelli

liza minelli

We applaud Ms. Minnelli's effort to be fashion-forward with the blue streak in her hair. However, that satin get-up has got to go! It's frumpy, lumpy and it looks like she forgot her bra at home. Eek!

Veerle Baetens

veerle baetens oscar dress 2014

We hate shapeless, unflattering gowns that make otherwise beautiful women look like sacks of potatoes. Enough said.

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