What The Hell Is Happening With This Year's Oscars? Here's Everything You Need To Know.

Be the star of your Oscars party with this deep dive into what could be the biggest fail in Academy Awards history. Plus, predictions.

The 91st Academy Awards ceremony is definitely going to be unlike any we’ve seen before. Considering that some categories were relegated to commercial breaks and then brought backseveral scandals emerged among the nominees ― and oh yeah, there’s no host ― the Oscars aren’t exactly cruising to Feb. 24 with ease.

Don’t Sleep On It,” HuffPost’s daily news brief, talked to entertainment reporter Matthew Jacobs to break down all of those controversies. Hear him dive into Oscars history ― including that Rob Lowe/Snow White performance in 1989 ― to see if the past can help predict the future.

And speaking of predictions, find out how the Best Picture category’s preferential voting system might actually put “Black Panther” on top (Wakanda forever!) and why Bradley Cooper of “A Star Is Born” might have a shot for Best Actor despite his snub for Best Director.

Plus, Jacobs discusses the future of these very traditional awards shows as they navigate new terrain. Live TV events are slowly becoming obsolete as technology leaps forward, and practically every comedian in Hollywood is saying no to thankless hosting gigs.

If you want to sound like an expert at your Oscars party, let Jacobs help you prepare for Hollywood’s most prestigious ― and potentially disastrous ― night. Listen above or on Apple Podcasts, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Stitcher or Pocket Casts.