Oscars GIFs: The 2013 Academy Awards, From Laughing Tommy Lee Jones To Falling Jennifer Lawrence

Need to make sense of the Oscars? We've got you covered. From the WHOA to the EEK to the OH NO!, we've rounded up the night's brightest highlights. Because nobody should be the odd man out at the water cooler.

Seth MacFarlane opened the night with a Tommy Lee Jones joke (remember Mr Grumpy Cat?). "The quest to make Tommy Lee Jones laugh starts now," quipped the host. So --

tommy lee jones gifs

Jennifer Lawrence, who frequently talks about her breasts, was very much game for MacFarlane's hilariously inappropriate "Boob Song":

Jen lawrence gifs

John Travolta had us hoping for another Jodi Foster moment, but alas...

John Travolta gifs

The cast of Les Mis took the stage and belted their hearts out. Yes, even Russell Crowe. He had an ear piece in and everything.

Les Mis gif

The award for Best Sound Editing was a tie between a man and his clone:

sound edit gifs

KStew limped her way to the mic to present the award for Best Production Design alongside an upright, uptight Daniel Radcliffe:

Kristen stewart gifs

Renee Zellweger had a hard time keeping her eyes open or her posture together, for that matter.

renee zellweger gifs

Adele gifs

Jen Lawrence, madame graceful, fell on her way to get the award for Best Actress

Jennifer Lawrence gifs

FLOTUS, quite possibly the only woman to one-up Meryl Streep, surprised the world and presented the award for Best Picture:

ARGO gifs

GIFs brilliantly created by our friends over at AOL: Omar Baksh / Dianna McDougall [AOL]

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