Oscar Gift Bags, 2013 Edition, Cheapest In 5 Years

Oscar statuettes are lined up in a local souvenir shop 10 days prior to this year's upcoming Oscars, the 85th Academy Awards,
Oscar statuettes are lined up in a local souvenir shop 10 days prior to this year's upcoming Oscars, the 85th Academy Awards, in Hollywood, California, on February 14, 2013. The ceremony is scheduled for February 24, 2013. AFP PHOTO / JOE KLAMAR (Photo credit should read JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images)

The Oscar-nominated actors and actresses who don't take home a gold statue from this year's Academy Awards will still get a goody bag worth $47,802.

It may sound like quite a consolation prize -- and it is. But it's also the lowest-value gift bag given to the nominees in the last five years, Today.com reports.

“I am confident that having a $48,000 gift bag vs. a $58,000 gift bag will go unnoticed by Amy Adams, Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence,” Lash Fary, founder of the marketing firm that handles the gift bags, told Today.com in an email.

Indeed, the items in last year's so-called "swag bags" were worth slightly more than $60,000. They included $15,000 toward an open-bar event sponsored by liquor company Disaronno and good for 100 guests, and a gift certificate to a plastic surgeon.

But back in 2010? The various items totaled over $90,000. As the Toronto Sun reported that year, the hefty price tag was partly the result of a $45,000 safari in Africa and a $14,500 trip to Monte Carlo.

Fary explained to Today.com that the price discrepancy for 2013's bags is, in fact, the result of fewer vacation-based goodies than in years past. Busy schedules, Fary said, can make it hard for celebrities to get away multiple times throughout the year. (There is still a trip to Australia worth $12,000, as well as a weight-loss retreat valued at $4,000.)

According to ABC News, the nominees, along with host Seth McFarlane, will also be receiving $600 worth of acupuncture, circus classes for their children and an $1,800 one-year membership to a luxury lounge at London's Heathrow airport.

And while circus classes might sound unconventional, the most outside-the-box gift item for 2013 would have to be the "vampire facelifts." The procedure reportedly involves drawing blood from a patient and then re-injecting it into his or her face to plump the skin.

As ABC News noted, the gift bags are delivered to the recipients the morning after the awards show to lift the spirits of those who didn't win.

“Even Hollywood’s most acclaimed stars are disappointed over this particular loss,” Fary told the news outlet. “And when our consolation gift shows up the next day, we like to think it is welcome distraction.”