That Oscar Selfie Is Never Going To Go Away, Is It?

The 2014 Oscars' signature moment is now suitable for framing. Seattle artist Debbie Faas created a painting of the star-filled Academy Awards selfie, and it's hanging on a wall in Twitter's headquarters.

Faas took to Facebook on Friday to confirm the news about her painting's new home.

"Painting Ellen's selfie was a blast," Faas wrote on her website. "I love how it turned out, and it's been a fun ride."

Twitter employees, naturally, tweeted the acquisition with a shoutout to the selfie orchestrator, Ellen DeGeneres:

Faas previously shared her work with The Huffington Post but didn't hint at its destination.

Now we know.

Twitter makes a natural home for the painting. The Samsung-sponsored selfie, a group shot including Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt, became the most-retweeted photo ever.

[h/t AdWeek]