Oskar, Blind Kitten, Plays With His First Toys (VIDEO)

Oskar the kitten was born without fully formed eyes, but the impairment hasn't stopped this playful cat from going about enjoying his life.

This heartwarming video features the kitty playing with some of his first toys. Oskar's owner points out that some of the balls have bells inside so he can locate them using the sounds they make. Confused by the object at first, Oskar soon gets the gist of his new toys and begins to play around just like any other kitten his age.

According to the cat's owner and YouTube user Mick12321kciM, "[Oskar's] blindness does not hold him back at all -- he can do pretty much everything that our 'normal' cat Klaus can do."

While Oskar might not need to rely on Klaus to get around, some blind animals often seek a little extra help. Take for example, a blind pup named Rhett and his companion, Scarlett. Rhett is blind, but he follows the sound of Scarlett's bell collar as a guide to find food and play.

Can't get enough of the playful kitten? Oskar's owner has posted several videos starring the blind cat and his sibling, Klaus, and you can check out photos of other kittens in our slideshow below: