Osmo Monster's Best Magic Trick Is The One You Never See

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When people learn I have reviewed and played with over 700 toys and tech gadgets, they ask me two things. First, when are you going to grow up and get a real job? Second, what is the cool new technology that is coming out?

Technology Is Most Impressive When You Can't See It

What my friends who have grown up and gotten real jobs don't understand is that technology is most impressive when you don't see it. Why was the iPod such a breakthrough? Because you didn't need to know anything about MP3 files, bitrates or device drivers. The technology disappeared, folks got to listen to their music and the industry was never the same.

The new Osmo Creative Kit ($49) with the Osmo Monster app is a great example of sophisticated technology that completely disappears. Mo the Monster lives on your iPad and is doing a magic show. He needs your help, so he asks you to draw various things on the included white board. You draw and Mo pulls them into his magic show, where they become an animated part of the show.

Please take a look at our video review of the Osmo Creative Kit and Monster -

Mo's Greatest Trick Is The One You Didn't See

As you watched that video, did you ever hear Mo say - please draw darker, please shift the board over, please redraw, please increase the light, draw higher on the board or make your drawings larger ? No, you did not - and that is the real magic trick.

There is some sophisticated technology that allows Mo to pull off his Magic Show with your drawings, but the great thing is, you never see it. You draw, Mo pulls your drawings into the digital world. Seamless.

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