13 Vintage Propaganda Posters That Highlight The True Art Of Revolution

The legacy of the Cuban Revolution is a complex and widely debated issue; however, one thing is for certain. The movement was a springboard for some seriously innovative graphic design.

che saigon

Kemistry Gallery in London is paying homage to the colorful spirit of propaganda posters in the "OSPAAAL Poster Show," an exhibition of bold designs created by the Organization of Solidarity for the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Formed in 1966, years after the revolution that forever changed Cuba, the group originated in Havana, aligning revolutionaries in South Africa, Angola, Vietnam, Syria, Puerto Rico, North Korea, the Palestinian regions and beyond.

The group was focused on issues of globalization, imperialism and neoliberalism, employing visual arts as a method of disseminating political ideas. The resulting posters, released in a publication called "Tricontinental" and archived throughout the 1960s, '70s and '80s, are loaded with psychedelic colors, abstraction and avant-garde illustrations. Militant graphics, radical calls to action and the faces of iconic leaders like Che Guevara interact with beautifully drawn images and boundary-pushing typography. Basically, they're the perfect marriage of propaganda and fine art.

orange angola

Scroll through a preview of OSPAAAL's wild and impressive posters below. Let us know your thoughts on the vintage treasure trove, on view until January 25, 2014, in the comments.

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All images courtesy of Kemistry Gallery/Michael Tyler/Lincoln Cushing/Docs Populi. H/t Design Boom