Osprey Reveals Its Hefty Catch In 'Astonishing' Video

People on Twitter hailed footage of the bird sinking its talons into a whopper on a Florida fishing expedition.

This osprey could put the strongest human anglers to shame.

In video posted Monday (watch it below), the bird was filmed splashing down at Florida’s Sebastian Inlet State Park and emerging with a large fish, For the Win reported.

But perhaps the best part of photographer Mark Smith’s footage was the suspense as the raptor lingered on the surface.

After a few seconds, the bird took flight, revealing its talons were holding a hefty catch.

Smith told For The Win that the osprey hauled its fish the length of three football fields to a perch.

According to National Geographic, ospreys use gripping pads and curved claws to snag their prey and carry it a long way. Given that 99% of an osprey’s diet is ordinarily fish, no wonder this bird is so good at what it does.

The internet abounds with ospreys catching whoppers. Still, people on Twitter hailed Smith’s video as “awesome,” “incredible” and “astonishing.”

Those are pretty good reviews.

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