Ostrich Hates Paparazzi More Than Alec Baldwin

There is now a permanent beak mark on the phone's screen protector.

Apparently, ostriches hate the paparazzi almost as much as celebrities do.

At least one particularly testy ostrich at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch near San Antonio, Texas, does.

Or maybe he just hates Sean Friedrich, who visited the Ranch in March.

Friedrich, a radiation therapist from Erie, Pennsylvania, was filming himself feeding bread to the giant bird when the ostrich suddenly decided he wasn't into being filmed.

He grabbed Friedrich's phone -- a Oneplus One to be specific -- with his beak, and threw it on the ground in an amazing homage to Alec Baldwin and Sean Penn.

Friedrich's reaction?

"I think I screamed like a girl because, you know, phones are kind of important to us nowadays," Friedrich told HuffPost.

The moment before the ostrich decided he'd had enough.
The moment before the ostrich decided he'd had enough.

The phone sat on the ground for about a minute and a half while Friedrich tried to distract the ostrich long enough for his wife to grab the device.

Friedrich got the phone back and, luckily, it still worked -- despite having a permanent beak mark on the screen protector.

"The microphone only works on speaker now, so I have to have all my conversations on speaker," he said. "It isn't ideal, but I'm cheap, and I'm putting off buying a new phone until the fall."

If the ostrich wanted to get Friedrich all riled up, it failed: He found the experience enjoyable.

"We all had many laughs over it," he said. "It was one of the most memorable parts of the trip!"

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