Yep, That Video Of A Guy Riding An Ostrich Through Traffic Is Totally Fake

A Kazakhstan bank says it was behind the marketing stunt.

It was a brilliant idea to beat the traffic.

But sadly the viral video (above) of a man riding an ostrich to beat rush hour in Almaty, Kazakhstan, is totally fake.

The Bank of Astana claimed it was behind the hoax dash cam-style footage on Friday, after the video spread like wildfire across the web.

”What possessed us when creating this idea? The thought that many of us live bored and pragmatic lives,” the bank posted on Facebook.

“Team Bank of Astana believes that we need to stop just daydreaming ― and we must act to embody our wildest dreams, here and now,” it added.

Millions of people have watched the realistic-looking clip of the besuited man appearing to ride the gigantic bird past cars.

The bank later used two more videos to disclose exactly how it had created the much-seen hoax.

Cameramen filmed the man riding the ostrich in a yard, above, before editing that footage into the realistic street scene, below.

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