The Other Entrepreneurs: Meet The Unlikely Mechanics of Dakar

the other hundred

Fatou Sylla and Fatou Camara founded their own car repair business, Fatou Fatou Mercedes Garage, after completing a mechanics training programme.

Forced to spend their first few years moving from one temporary premises to another in Dakar, the Senegalese capital, they now have their own garage, where they work with three male employees.

They would love to employ more women, but finding any with the right qualifications and experience is hard. Dakar's Centre for Professional and Technical Training on average graduates just one woman a year from its car repair programme.

Senegal has two other well-known female-run automotive businesses: Femme Auto, another car repair firm, and Taxi Sisters, a taxi service.

Dakar, Senegal | Photographer: Anthony Kurtz

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the other hundred

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The second edition of "The Other Hundred" focuses on the world's everyday entrepreneurs. The book offers an alternative to the view that most successful entrepreneurs were trained at elite business schools. Here are people who have never written a formal business plan, hired an investment bank, planned an exit strategy or dreamt of a stock market floatation.

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The Other Hundred