My Other Half Wine Glass Set

Could this be the next great drinking game?

Drinking is usually a social activity. But never has it been as social as with the "my other half wine glass set." Designed by British product designer Jim Rokos, these wine glasses are like no other. They force you to look your drinking partner in the eye, and be completely in synch with when to drink and when not to drink -- if not, you'll have a wine spillage disaster.

Rokos is not your everyday product designer. He analyzes the potential of using products as tools to understand relationships better, and develops them through research into inter-personal relationships and social culture.

So what does that mean for these wine glass connected by a plastic tube? For one, it makes drinking way more intense. Don't think you can enjoy a casual glass of wine with a friend if using this set. With these wine glasses you both have to drink at the exact same time, or wine will spill everywhere. It also makes the drinking way more balanced -- one person cannot drink more than the other. It could be just the thing to keep that lush friend of yours in check.

If you're interested, the wine glass set costs $440 + S&H and take up to 2-3 weeks to ship.

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