HuffPost Love And Sex Podcast: When A Bunch Of Dominatrixes And Their Slaves Start Their Own Nation

In an article for Good Magazine published in March, writer Mark Hay gave readers a rich glimpse into The Other World Kingdom: a femdom -- or female dominant -- micronation formally situated in The Czech Republic where dominatrixes and their slaves created a thriving community.

Inspired by Hay's piece, co-hosts Carina Kolodny and Noah Michelson explore the topic in this week's episode of The HuffPost Love+Sex Podcast and ask the question: Can a fetish group start and sustain its very own nation?

To find out the answer and learn more about this micronation, Kolodny and Michelson spoke to Hay as well as a femdom couple, Lady Femina and her husband Tony, who traveled to The Other World Kingdom and then returned home with more than a few stories to show for it.

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