Otis, The 'Skydiving Pug,' Makes 64th Jump (PHOTO, VIDEO)

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Otis the skydiving pug!

Otis, a ten-year-old pug hailing from Galt, Calif., made his 64th jump (tandem, of course) with his owner, Will DaSilva, on Monday afternoon, The Sacramento Bee reports.

The little guy has been jumping out of planes with DaSilva since he was just one year old, but each jump continues to excite him.

"He's just like a first-time skydiver," DaSilva says in a video from The Sacramento Bee (available below). "He's all excited about it, gets nervous at the door just like all the rest of the skydivers, and then once he gets out he's just having a ball. He's just like a dog with his head out the car window, just flapping away."

Oddly enough, Otis isn't the only skydiving pooch.

Sean Herbert, a skydiving instructor and scuba diver, took his dog, Hooch, into the sky and under the sea, according to National Geographic.

Click here to see the gallery of images from The Sacramento Bee. For more on Otis and DaSilva, read the paper's full story.

WATCH: Partial video of Otis below via The Telegraph.


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