Otter Casts Worries To The Heavens, Prays (PHOTO)

It looks like this otter from the Whipsnade Zoo outside of London had a lot on its mind last week when one photographer snapped a photo where the furry animal appears to be praying, ABC News reports. (Scroll for photo)

The Sun reports the perfectly-timed snapshot was the work of photographer Marac Andrev Kolodzinski, who waited two hours in chilly weather for the perfect shot -- and for that he seems to have been rewarded.

The photographer even says his photos have caught the eye of a few religious organizations.

"I've had lots of religious people call me up, saying that I was a tool doing the Lords work," Kolodzinski said, according to the Sun.

"There was a guy from a religious cult that called me once, I think they were from Switzerland but I'm not sure. He wanted me to come out to Switzerland and preach to all these people about how I felt, and what I experienced at the time."

However, the photographer insists the otters weren't really praying, just playing with a stone.

"The otter was running around cradling a stone under his arm when he was surprised by another otter jumping out of the water which caused him to jump and throw the stone in the air," Kolodzinski said, according to the Daily Mail.

"When he started trying to grab it I took the snap."

If you think this otter is cute while it's fake-praying, you should see how adorable they can get when they're angry.


Caters News/ZUMA Press