Otter Goes On Rampage At Fast Food Restaurant In Norway

This restaurant otter lock their doors next time.

The patrons of Skippy's Fast Food in Alesund, Norway, were terrorized last week by a wounded otter that made its way into the establishment, the Independent reported.

"We did not know what kind of animal it was. I have never seen an animal like that in my life," owner Mohamed Rashed told TV2. "I was terrified it was going to attack."

Officials believe that the otter, which was suffering from a gash on its leg and wounds on its face, was injured by a boat propellor before making its way into the restaurant.

Witnesses said the otter was breathing heavily, and customers were so afraid that they fled from the business.

Wildlife officials were called to the scene, and officer Hakan Sunde was bitten on the finger by the marine mammal.

Sunde told The Local that officials have seen an increasing number of otters in the area. "The amount of otters is growing at the moment, because we observe them often and they show up in strange places," he said.

Sadly, the otter's injuries were so severe that it had to be euthanized. Rest in peace, little otter.

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