Otto Von Schirach And Miami Booty Club Release 'Super Sucia!' Video (WATCH)

WATCH: Otto Tells 'Chongas' How To Keep 'It' Clean

With a hyped-up sound that's kicking, the kind of bass that gets all the girls tricking. In the club or on the streets, it's definitely something that will move your feet. So prepare yourself for the showdown. Cause I'm coming from Miami and that's bass-town. I got something for the back them of trunks.

Just as our city's original ambassador of Miami booty bass has gone off the air after 22 years with Power96, Otto Von Schirach and company reappears to give Miamians something else to get their "trunks" bouncing.

Von Schirach, a self-described "half Cuban Native Indian half German Anunnaki wolf" raised on Miami bass and Cuban Tropical music, has again joined up with Debbie D. Attias of Avenue D for the track "Super Sucia!"

Watch the video below.

As the Spanglish title hints, the bawdy, bass-heavy track is all about telling too-dirty 'chongas' they should wash more.

The "Booty Club Dancetasy" back-up dancers, which include ladies with aliases Kika, Moniqua, Kaery'uS, and AleeZ, drop their behinds to lyrics like "Shake it like a chonga, super sucia!"

Back in 2008, Von Schirach and Debbie D collaborated with Jose el Rey and El Tigre to become the Miami Bass Warriors, most known for their LL Cool J inspired track, "Going Back to Calle 8." See the video here.

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