15 Ways The Ottoman Is The Most Versatile Piece In Your Home

Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

When it comes to our homes, it's easy to think of the things we'd like more of: more seating, more storage, more space... This list sound familiar? Doing more with less is the decorating challenge of the century, a challenge that none of us can seem to figure out without having to make serious sacrifices.

Next time you feel your space is lacking, think about investing in multi-purpose solutions. Need some inspiration? May we now present the ottoman, the chameleon of the furniture world. Also known as foot stools and poufs, the ottoman can easily disguise itself as a coffee table, a chic storage space or extra seating. It's the most versatile piece you can't live without.

Scroll through to see how you could be making the most of your ottoman:

Use it for shoe storage.
Shake things up at the kitchen table.
Use it as a vanity chair.
Transform it into a bookshelf.
Use it as a cooler.
Give your dog a hangout spot.
Turn it into a file cabinet.
Store your video gaming accessories.
Use as extra living room seating.
Make it your coffee table.
Use it as a footrest.
Put two together to make a bench for your bedroom.
Store your extra blankets.
If you've got little ones...
Create a reading nook.
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