5 Unexpected Moments You Should Handwrite a Thank-You Note

We're all familiar with those moments in life when it's appropriate, or expected, to send a handwritten thank-you note (after a job interview, when you receive a gift, when someone treats you to a really special experience, etc.). But how about those smaller moments when a little bit of gratitude can really make someone's day?

I've come to find that there's truly no limit to the types of occasions when you "should" write a thank you. We saw this first-hand at our Gratitude Lounge at this year's Weinstein Company after-party at the Golden Globes - 400 party goers stopped in the middle of the fancy evening to send a note of gratitude to someone in their life for no reason in particular!

In the spirit of gratitude, here are five times you may not always think to write a thank-you note, but should...

1. When a co-worker gives you good advice.
Take a moment to thank those "work wives, work husbands, work family" in your everyday life that listen to all of your work worries and challenges with open ears. When you're experiencing a particularly tough week and a close colleague of yours takes the time to lend their ear and offer some good advice, or takes the time to make you smile, take it to heart and leave a thank-you note on their desk to show them how much their time meant to you.

2. To your parents for doing more than you ever realized.

What's the most thankless job in the world? You guessed it--being a parent. From going to countless sports events to helping with homework night after night. Write a heartfelt thank-you note to your parents for giving you a beautiful life, loving you unconditionally, and teaching you more than you know. Cue the waterworks!

3. To your everyday helpers.
Whether it be your dog walker, your dry cleaner, your mailman or your babysitter, sometimes it's easy to forget the team that helps run the show for you behind the scenes. Leaving a "just-because" thank-you note is the perfect way to foster your relationship with these everyday helpers in your life and show them that their hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Don't wait until the holidays to do this- let them know you appreciate them all year round!

4. To your best friend who is there for you every day of the year.
Sometimes we forget what's right in front of us. Let your ride or die know how much you appreciate them by dropping them that unexpected note that's both silly and sweet. Don't forget to throw in a fond or touching memory that sticks with you.

5. To that teacher who stuck with you all these years.
We all have mentors and people in different stages of our lives that lift us up and help us pave the way into our future. Some of the most impactful people who helped you along the way are those teachers who are still in the back of our minds. Why not reach out and send a note to them at school, thanking them after all of these years for the support, good advice and guidance that has helped you become the adult you are today.

So stash your drawers, your purse and your glove box with some adorable notes and make handwriting "thanks" an easy and fun habit!