21 Reasons Why Being Bilingual Is Major Key

You'll always sound très cool.

Being bilingual comes with a world of advantages. You automatically sound worldly and cultured, you can openly gossip in public without anyone understanding you, and you sound hella sexy when you speak a foreign language. There's no denying that your linguistic skills are the crème de la crème, and it doesn't hurt that they also make you appear très cool.

  • 1 You get to enjoy some of the most beautiful expressions that the English language totally misses out on.
  • 2 You automatically have the perfect intro to meet other cool bilingual people who speak your lingo.
  • 3 You sound cultured and worldly for speaking another language.
  • 4 You're a master at switching between languages mid-sentence like it's no big deal.
  • 5 In school, you could take a foreign language class for an easy A.
  • 6 You can always tutor people in your language to make some extra cash on the side.
  • 7 Studying abroad was totally a breeze for you.
  • 8 And the locals absolutely loved that you could keep up in their native tongue.
  • 9 You have a valuable resumé skill that’s way cooler than Microsoft Office.
  • 10 And you have more job opportunities thanks to your linguistic skills.
  • 11 You can openly gossip in public without being understood by others.
  • 12 Somehow even the most uninteresting thing sounds oddly fascinating in your language.
  • 13 You can actually read foreign classics in their original language.
  • 14 You’ve been told that speaking another language is pretty sexy.
  • 15 You can watch foreign films without those pesky subtitles.
  • 16 You can easily get around on your own in a foreign country because you actually understand everything.
  • 17 When you go to a foreign restaurant, you can read (and pronounce) everything on the menu.
  • 18 You can work abroad one day.
  • 19 You can get away with cursing as much as you want as long as no one understands you.
  • 20 You can easily sing along to foreign music and sound très cool.
  • 21 If you’re feeling sneaky you can keep your bilingualism a secret to eavesdrop on foreigners’ conversations.


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