Our Atmosphere

Our Atmosphere
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I find there are somethings you should know about the breaths you take.
There are many forms of substances in our atmosphere from gases, to cosmic dust (yes, dust from the universe), and vapors (depending if you are near to dry or hot climate). Also the altitude of the land you stand on, since different altitudes contain different compactness.

As it is known cars, transportation, and energy sectors produce carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is crucial for our existence since it regulates the temperature of the earth, but also too much of it can be harmful to the Earth. Carbon dioxide in humans can cause acid-base imbalance.
Our bodies have natural acids
- to help break down food (Hydrochloric Acid)
-Make our muscles produce more energy (Lactic Acid)
-DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) the genetic codes we have that allow us to breed as the species that we are
-RNA (ribonucleic acid) produces proteins that transmit genetic information, but also protect the DNA from harm.
-Amino acids build proteins, which are used to control the processes that take place in cells/body.
- Fatty acids are the fluids out side of our cells. Help us produce proteins and hormones.

A good note is plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. There is also a microorganism that lives out of carbon dioxide, pyrococcus furiosus, by detoxifying into oxygen. There is a way to harmonize the existence of carbon dioxide.

Now I want to introduce to you Methane gas, Methane gas comes from a mixture of natural sources -- oceans, termites, wetlands, mud volcanoes, feces, forest fires. Human sources -- bio fuels ,i.e., ethanol, rice agriculture, biomass burning, landfills and waste, livestock farming- cattle's normal digestive process creates large amounts of Methane, and fossil fuel production and distribution.

Methane gas is not friendly to us, when exposed to it in huge amounts. Which at the moment the Earth has tons of. It is a form of asphyxiant, which in high concentrations it displaces the oxygen you need for breathing, especially in confined spaces. Decreased oxygen can cause suffocation and loss of consciousness. It can also cause headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, and loss of coordination. I wonder if there are towns or areas with so much Methane many people experience this?

There is also a great use to methane, rather than getting rid of our precious oxygen. Methane can power electricity. There is a generator being used in farms right now Vermont and Maine being two known states. Which takes cow's poop and puts it in a large cement container in certain heat, then methane rises up, it is generated to electricity and used for all forms of production and lighting homes near the methane powered farms.

I wanted to share this area just in case you ever wondered, or value the breaths you take.
Thank you

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