'Our Bodies, Our Junk': Writers From McSweeney's, 'The Daily Show,' And <em>The Onion</em> Explore Sexuality (PICTURES)

'Our Bodies, Our Junk': Writers From McSweeney's, 'The Daily Show,' AndExplore Sexuality (PICTURES)

Sex has notoriously been a difficult, dare we say "touchy," subject to discuss, so for generations there have been guidebooks about human sexuality such as the classic "Our Bodies Our Selves." Now, from writer Mike Sacks (McSweeney's, Vanity Fair) and his comedy-writing group "The Pleasure Syndicate", consisting of Scott Jacobson ("The Daily Show"), Todd Levin ("The Tonight Show"), Jason Roeder (The Onion), and Ted Travelstead (Esquire) comes "Sex: Our Bodies, Our Junk," a humorous sexual guidebook for the 21st century. Throughout the book, due to be released by Random House on August 24, 2010, the "Association For The Betterment Of Sex" leads readers through the amusement park that is their bodies, and all the rides that come along with it. We had the opportunity to preview the book before it comes out, and with permission selected some of our favorite info-graphics about sex, sexuality, and pleasure. Take a look, vote for your favorite, and don't forget to to check out the entire book when it comes out at the end of the month!

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