The current resident of our White House is responsible for all of the slime slithering out from under the woodwork now.
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I can’t say I’m shocked by what’s happened in Virginia, but I am deeply saddened. To realize we have a president who, by his oratory and gestures, largely condones what is happening while at the same time tries to make us believe he finds it offensive.

I’m honestly surprised his sidekicks, Bannon and Stephen Miller, weren’t participating in the disgusting representation of white supremacists and Nazis. We all know they are as far “alt-right” as the entire crowd in Charlottesville. Why would Drumpf think we don’t know where his loyalties lie when he has these awful people working for him?

He couldn’t even bring himself to put the blame where it squarely belonged, instead saying the blame belonged on “many sides.” He said it twice. Never mentioned the KKK or neo-Nazis, just lumped the peaceful protesters into the mix of hate.

Perhaps he can’t bring himself to patently blame the Klan and their ilk because his father was reportedly a klansman? Petula Dvorak, in a Washington Post piece today, revealed what many may not have known. “It was 90 years ago that Fred Trump, Donald Trump’s father, was arrested for failing to disperse at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Queens that sounded a lot like the scene at Charlottesville.”

When he stands up there with his tiny little hands making that little circle with the three fingers raised while he swivels his hips, it makes me want to SCREAM! He is the hypocrite in chief! Especially when he did not hold those rioting accountable, even after a car drove into the crowd and killed a peaceful demonstrator. He was blaming both sides. I’m sure his father would be proud. David Duke was!

Why do you think they weren’t wearing their white hoods and capes? There’s no fear of retaliation when our ignorant and obviously racist commander in chief won’t even call them out for the despicable scum they are.

I remember when we saw “The Butler” years ago, how it brought back all the memories of 1967/68. You can’t forget the noise and the smells and the fear of living in the midst of riots with arson leaving a heavy acrid pall over your neighborhood. It was frightening and literally sickening. Toledo, Ohio was as bad as Detroit and other cities, only smaller.

I could never have imagined we would be reliving that horrible time in our sad history. Especially with a president who claims to demean the behavior but, in reality, has condoned it from his first political rally.

The current resident of our White House is responsible for all of the slime slithering out from under the woodwork now. For creating the hateful environment he encouraged with his stupid “birther” movement when Obama was elected, to bringing white supremacists into his administration. He owns it.

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