Our First Muslim President

Is there anyone else who thinks it's awesome that Obama grew up Muslim?
The LA Times has the utterly charming story of his early childhood in Indonesia today--playing in the muddy streets, raising pet crocodiles, and attending mosque on Fridays.

America, the world's most multicultural society, is currently in a no-win standoff with Islamic civilization. Who better to reengage with the so-called "Arab street" than President Barack Hussein Obama? How great an effect would it have on the Islamic world to have the most powerful man in the world saying, "I was taught the wisdom of the Koran, and I believe in the Constitution too" ?

And not only that, he actually lived in a developing country! He went to school with 'middle-class' kids who had no shoes! Talk about an invaluable perspective for the leader of the free world.

This one story made me more excited about Candidate Obama than anything that came before it. Some people say he's not "black enough"? Whatever. He should be playing up his cultural uniqueness for all it's worth. Don't be afraid of the M-word.