Our First Vulgar Presidentiable

We have had stupid presidents before (witness Andrew Johnson), but not vulgar ones, as far as I can recall. Not since Andrew Jackson's "open house" inaugural at the White House in 1829, with its train of smashed furniture, broken place settings and soiled rugs, have we seen such a display of American boorishness at the national level as we are witnessing today. But back then it was just bad manners. Today it is a question of utter and gratuitous vulgarity.

What is to be done about Mr.Trump? Organize a cabal and oust him at the Convention? No. Instead, depend on a serious candidate, Hillary Clinton, to defeat him at the polling booth in November; and in the meantime contemplate the degradation of our public discourse and reflect on what have we have become as a people, to be on the brink of nominating as president a person such as this, from one of our two major political parties.

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